Other research

Sea anemones used in the marine aquarium trade

 Nicola Fraser is investigating sea anemones used in the marine aquarium trade. There is very little published information about species and Nicola's starting by asking marine aquarium enthusiasts, public aquarium managers and aquarium-related businesses about their sea anemone preferences. If you are or know someone suitable, please pass on the links for these surveys. If you'd like more information, you can contact Nicola at n.fraser.22@student.scu.edu.au


Water quality on Bucca Bucca Creek and the potential impacts of intensive plant agriculture

Shane's two talks to SURG members and guests generated a considerable amount of interest. Shane discussed the results of his Honours research (below) which involved analysis of water samples taken at various places along Bucca Bucca Creek during 2017. Overall, the analysis revealed a clear link between blueberry farming and nitrogen runoff in headwater streams. Shane's overall recommendation is ". . . site-specific management approaches to reduce farm nitrogen runoff, and the assessment of potential impacts of blueberry nitrogen runoff to downstream habitats such as estuaries and the Solitary Islands Marine Park."