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Pristiapogon fraenatus
Pristiapogon fraenatus (Valenciennes, 1832)
Sepia apama
Sepia apama (Gray, 1849)
Cheilodactylus vestitus
Cheilodactylus vestitus (Castelnau, 1879)
Diagramma labiosum
Diagramma labiosum (MacLeay, 1883)
Norfolkia brachylepis
Norfolkia brachylepis (Schultz, 1960)
Scorpis lineolata
Scorpis lineolata (Kner, 1865)
Austrocochlea porcata (A. Adams, 1853)
Marionia cyanobranchiata
Marionia cyanobranchiata (Ruppell and Leuckart, 1831)
Phyllacanthus parvispinus
Phyllacanthus parvispinus (Tension Woods, 1878)
Ophiomyxa australis (Lutken, 1869)

About us

The Solitary Islands Underwater Research Group Inc. (SURG), is a group of dedicated volunteers conducting research in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Formed in 1985, SURG membership is comprised of underwater naturalists, photographers and scuba divers, and our research provides habitat information and other data which may be used for the ongoing management of the Solitary Islands Marine Park.

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SURG members are continuing their research in the Coffs Coast region, this time at the Coffs Harbour marina. The research and community engagement is by:

assessment of fish and other marine biodata identified through baited underwater remote videos (BRUV) on the marine pylons a marine... Read more

This year's camping trip was to Illaroo Campground near Minnie Water in the Yuraygir National Park. SURG members had a great time enjoying the wildlife, the peace and quiet of the park and the opportunity to socialise with club members. Two of the more active in the group made their way to the... Read more

The Inaugural Coffs Coast Sea Slug Census held from the 18th to 20th January 2019 was a great success despite the strong winds and cold 18 degrees water temperatures. The event kicked off on the Thursday evening prior to the Census with a Marine Discovery Series talk... Read more

The estuarine habitat resilience project is nearing its close with a report soon to be published. As part of the project SURG has created fact sheets to educate the public in the health of our often overlooked estuaries.
Have a look at these fact sheets!

... Read more