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Identification Aids

  • Julian Rocks - interesting info and good local id's.
  • Australian Museum Fish Site -- lots of id stuff.
  • Dave Harasti's Underwater Photo Gallery -- excellent resource of images and descriptions, huge concentration on Nelson Bay species. Archive of marine species magazine articles written by Dave. Also includes links to a Marine Species Database located in USA. Fish Base -- virtually every species of fish on earth. Search by family, genus, species. Pictures and video clips.
  • Fish Base -- virtually every species of fish on earth. Search by family, genus, species. Pictures and video clips.
  • Fishes of Australia--Marine and Freshwater species image galleries and identification notes.
  • Sea Slug Forum -- an Australian Museum site where you can find information on sea slugs including nudibranchs, bubble-shells, sea hares and side-gilled slugs. Includes species lists, pictures, etc. 


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