The social meeting held on March 2nd featured a senior local member of ORRCA, Darren Ramsey, who gave a lively and thought provoking presentation on ORRCA and the work the organisation carries out helping marine mammals in distress.
ORRCA, which stands for Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia, is the most experienced and successful whale rescue organisation in Australia. They are also involved with the protection and welfare of dolphins, seals, sea lions and dugongs, and work with Government authorities and other groups with marine mammal rehabilitation and release.
Darren, who is also a SURG member, explained the process by which a rescue attempt for beached whales or dolphins is attempted, and pointed out the simple basic actions that even non trained volunteer rescuers can do, such as providing shade, keeping the animals tail and fins wet, or even helping with a bucket brigade if the animal is beached above the tide line.
Several SURG members have completed ORRCA training in the past, and Darren was passionate about encouraging anyone with an interest in protecting or helping our marine mammals when they may be in distress, to join the organisation and enquire about upcoming workshops.
ORRCA has a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week Marine Mammal Rescue hotline (02 9415 3333), so anyone who sees a whale, dolphin or seal in local waters that appears to be beached or in distress, should call that number as soon as possible. The ORRCA website is and you may join online.”