SURG has been successful in its funding application to Recreational Fishing Trusts June 2015. This 3 year funding from the NSW Goverment Department of Primary Industries will support SURG’s assessments of recreational fish biodiversity. These assessments will direct on-grounds remediation work to reduce threats to key estuarine habitats in northern NSW.

The Group will use in-water estuarine video and observational surveys to determine the presence of key recreational fish species and identify critical habitat that they rely upon. Seagrass and complex habitats will be mapped and seasonal patterns of fish habitat utilisation will be recorded. Threats to key fish habitats will be identified for future habitat restoration work.

This project will dovetail neatly with the NSW Environmental Trust grant which also goes for 3 years.

SURG member, Dr Stephen Dalton (researcher for the Marine Ecology Research Centre of Southern Cross University) will co-ordinate this project.