SURG has been successful in its application for the Environmental Trust Community Education grant. This grant is a community action blueprint to enhance estuarine habitat resilience. SURG members will undertake in-water estuarine surveys to determine the presence of threatened and protected marine species and identify the critical habitat they rely upon.  




The project will involve the following:

  • Seagrass cover, areas with complex habitats and deep holes will be geo-referenced along four estuaries.
  • Mini-baited underwater video will identify species that use these habitats during different seasons.
  • Information collected will form the foundation of interpretive educational material to be displayed at high-use locations along the estuaries.
  • Debris surveys and visual censuses will be conducted in and adjacent to critical habitats to quantify local threats to critical habitats.
  • Interpretive plaques will be placed on estuary boardwalks with brochures and teaching material developed and made available to the wider community via volunteer groups and government websites.​

Details of Environmental Trust Community Education applications are available on