SURG is currently doing a huge amount of estuarine research but little research related to open water diving. So to keep our members in the water and diving with fellow SURG divers, the club has been subsidising dives. This subsidy is in appreciation for the amount of effort many contribute to the running of the club.

Last Sunday was the first subsidised dive of the year with 12 enthusiastic members heading out to South Solitary Island. The first dive was at Buchanan’s wall and the second a drift from the Shark Gutters to the Gantry. With visibility at 15 to 20 meters, a warm 24 degrees C  and a current running south it was an easy swim. 

The divers were lucky enough to see a Leopard Shark which is an unusual sighting for the area, as well as a healthy number of Black Cod (7 were seen), 2 Lion Fish, a Spangled Emperor, a Moray Eel, 2 turtles, some Mangrove Jacks and a big lobster. 

Thanks to  Jetty Dive for holding the dive prices as low as they did last year and making it possible for us to conduct these dive. 

Check out this video of the leopard shark!