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Trypaea australiensis
(Dana, 1852)

Common Name: Ghost Nipper

Distribution: Abundant on intertidal estuarine sand flats throughout the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Common throughout south eastern Australia.

Ecological Notes: Lives in sand and mudflats, especially in estuaries and bays. Its presence is revealed by holes in the sand in shallow waters.

Additional Notes: Soft body, translucent creamy-pink, large males have enormous white, flattened, claw. Popular bait for fisherman, it is caught by the use of yabby or nipper pumps. Female top photograph, note the orange egg mass, male below. Locally abundant in the spring and summer months. Grows to 50 mm. 

References: Davie, Peter. Wild Guide to Moreton Bay and Adjacent Coasts. Second Edition. Published by Queensland Museum. Vol 2, p. 218.