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Tenguella marginalba
(Blainville, 1832)

Common Name: Mulberry Whelk

Distribution: Abundant in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. In Australia recorded on the east coast from Torres Strait to eastern Victoria and including Lord Howe Island.

Terenolla pygmaea:Frequents intertidal and shallow sub-tidal zones.

Additional Notes: Shell solid with five spiral rows of nodules on body whorls. Outer lip thick, curved, with four teeth internally. Columella thickly calloused, smooth. External colour grey with black nodules; deep interior of aperture purple-grey, teeth white; outer lip cream or cream alternating with black or brown. Members of this family are carnivorous, feeding on worms and other hard shell molluscs by drilling a small circular hole in the shell of their prey. Grows to around 35 mm but usually less than 20 mm. Formerly known as Morula marginalba.

References: The Seashells of New South Wales, Des Beechey, Senior Fellow, Australian Museum, Release 25. Website at Accessed 11/11/2018.