Lybia tessellata (Latreille, 1812)

Lybia tessellata
Lybia tessellata
Ian Shaw
Wednesday, 15 October 1986
Nth Solitary Island
Common name: Boxer Crab

Rare in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Known from the tropical Indo-Pacific, Red Sea, Indonesia, New Guinea and Taiwan. In Australia recorded from the North West Shelf of Western Australia and the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.

Ecological Notes:

Frequents shallow rocky and coral reef.

Additional Notes:

It carries a small sea anemone, usually Bunodeopsis spp or Triactis producta, in each chela, holding its chelipeds out horizontally while moving around. If attacked will threaten the aggressor with an anemone, the tentacles of which are well armed with stinging cells. It uses the tentacles of the anemones to collect food particles which it then removes with its mobile maxillipeds. Grows to about 25mm across the carapace.