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Sepioteuthis australis
(Quoy and Gaimard, 1832)

Common Name: Southern Calamari Squid

Distribution: Common in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Endemic to Australia and New Zealand, it is distributed around the southern shores of the Australian coast from Shark Bay in Western Australia to southern Queensland on the east coast, around Tasmania and northern New Zealand.

Ecological Notes: Frequents shallow inshore waters, frequently seagrass areas. Depth to at least 68m but usually shallower.

Additional Notes: A moderate to large squid, it is recognised by its fins which extend along the entire length of the body, combining to form a diamond shape. Mainly active at night, it feeds on small fish and shrimps. It is very fast, using jet propulsion, and will expel a cloud of ink as a decoy if startled or attacked. It is popular with fishers who use a variety of jigs and lights at night to catch them from piers and other structures. Grows to a mantle length of around 40cm, or 50cm overall.

References: Graham J. Edgar. Australian Marine Life, 2nd Edition, 2008. Reed New Holland Publishers. p.367