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Sepia grahami
(Reid, 2001)

Common Name: Ken’s Cuttlefish

Distribution: Common in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Endemic to Australia, it is found on the east coast from north Queensland to the New South Wales Victorian border.

Ecological Notes: Frequents larger estuaries and sheltered and moderately exposed reef, depth to at least 25 m.

Additional Notes: Characterised by a reddish colour, sometimes with a pair of dark blotches on the dorsal surface about halfway along the body. It has an orange eyesocket and shorter tentacles than its close relative, Sepia plangon, which occurs in the same geographic location. Feeds on small fish and invertebrates, grows to around 20 cm mantle length. Cuttlebone in lower photograph 10 cm long. Only recently identified as a separate species from Sepia mestus, and can be distinguished by the gold coloured blotch just forward of the two dark blotches on the mantle.

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