Meridiastra calcar (Lamarck, 1816)

Common Name: 
Eight-armed Seastar

Common in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. In Australia recorded from southern Queensland, around the south of the continent to around Perth in Western Australia, and including Tasmania

Ecological Notes: 

Frequents rocky shores, rock pools, sheltered reef areas. Depth range mid intertidal to 10 m.

Additional Notes: 

Flattened body with striking colouration, combinations of red, greens, browns and blues. Usually with 7 to 9 short arms with rounded webbed divisions between each arm. Aboral surface has scale-like appearance. Omnivorous, feeding mainly on algae, mussels and other seastars. Grows to around 100 mm across.


Identification thanks to Dr. Maria Byrne, FAA, Professor Marine and Developmental Biology, University of Sydney

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