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Sagaminopteron psychedelicum
(Carlson and Hoff, 1974)

Distribution: Uncommon in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Recorded from the tropical Indo-Pacific region, from South Africa to New Caledonia, north to Taiwan, south to Lord Howe Island. In Australia recorded from the Dampier Archipelago and the North West Shelf in Western Australia, the Coral Sea and the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, south to Lord Howe Island and Coffs Harbour.

Ecological Notes: Rocky reef, depth to at least 15 m. Often found upon sponges of the genus Dysidea.

Additional Notes: Unmistakeable colour pattern of pale pink or green with dark bordered light coloured reticulations and circles. The head is triangular in shape, the feathery gill is exposed and located mid dorsally, and the parapodia (lateral extensions of the foot) extend almost the full body length. Recent studies have concluded these animals feed upon sponges, as concentrations of the sponges toxic compounds have been found in the animals tissues. These compounds are believed to be used for its defence against predators. Grows to 20 mm. 

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