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Rhodosoma turcicum
(Savigny, 1816)

Distribution: Uncommon in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Distributed throughout tropical and subtropical areas of the Indo-Pacific, Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. In Australia recorded from coastal waters of South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Queensland. 

Ecological Notes: Often found in mangrove areas, harbours and estuaries, on manmade structures and under rocks or coral slabs. Depth to 174 m. Specimen in photograph on shallow rocky reef, depth 9 m.

Additional Notes: A solitary species, the body yellow or transparent, often encrusted with other benthic organisms. The siphons are at one end under a moveable flap. If disturbed the siphons retract and the flap closes over the end of the body. Distribution of this species through shipping movements has been recorded. Grows to 4 cm.

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