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Pseudocaranx sp
(Bleeker, 1863)

Common Name: Silver Trevally

Distribution: Abundant throughout the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Recorded from New Zealand and temperate Australian waters, including Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands. In Australia recorded from Lancelin in Western Australia, around the southern half of the continent and north to central Queensland, including Tasmania.

Ecological Notes: Inhabits coastal shelf waters, often entering estuaries and bays. Schools are found at the surface, in mid water or on the bottom, often associated with reefs and rocky substrates. Depth 10 – 238 m, usually 10 – 25 m.

Additional Notes: Four almost identical species occur in Australian waters. Silver body with yellowish stripe along midline ending in yellow forked tail, black spot on operculum. Differences between the species include length of snout, size of operculer spot and location, one species confined to Western Australia. All members of the genus form schools, sometimes in great numbers, and feed on plankton as well as benthic invertebrates. Some species grow to 122 cm, but commonly 40 cm.

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