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Phlyctenanthus australis
(Carlgren, 1950)

Common Name: Southern Sea Anemone

Distribution: Uncommon in the Solitary Islands Marine Park, being at or near its northern distribution limit. Recorded from the Eastern Indian Ocean, south-west Pacific Ocean and the south-west Atlantic Ocean. In Australia recorded from northern New South Wales south to southern Tasmania.

Ecological Notes: Frequents exposed rocky reef areas, depth to 35 m.

Additional Notes: Permanently attached to the substrate, the column is orange to red with numerous blue-grey vesicles. When feeding the column expands lifting the tentacles into the current to catch floating prey. Similar looking Phlyctenactis tuberculosa, the Swimming Anemone, is not attached permanently and is more at home amongst the fronds of kelp or other algae. Column diameter may reach 100 mm. 

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