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Ostorhinchus doederleini
(Jordan and Snyder, 1901)

Common Name: Fourline Cardinalfish

Distribution: Uncommon in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Recorded from the Western Pacific: from southern Japan to Taiwan, then from subtropical Australia to New Caledonia, Lord Howe and the Kermadec Islands. In Australia recorded from central Western Australia across the tropical north through Queensland and south to northern New South Wales. Also at Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands.

Ecological Notes: Frequents offshore rocky reef. Nocturnal species usually under ledges or in caves during daylight hours.

Additional Notes: Feeds on benthic crustaceans, small fish and polychaete worms. Males mouthbrood their young (note distension under the chin in top photo). Best identified by pale colouration with four distinct narrow stripes, the mid stripe fading to distinct black spot on tail base. Occurs in similar habitat and may be confused with Ostorhinchus limenus which has broader stripes and a short stripe from the nose to the base of the first dorsal fin through the top of the eye. Grows to 14 cm. 

References: R. Stuart-Smith, G. Edgar, A. Green, I. Shaw, Tropical Marine Fishes of Australia. Reed New Holland Publishers, 2015. p.119.

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