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Ocypode cordimanus
(Desmarest, 1825)

Common Name: Smooth-handed Ghost Crab

Distribution: Common throughout the Solitary Islands Marine Park. In Australia recorded from tropical Australia, from the Kimberley through Queensland, south to southern New South Wales. More common in the southern part of its range.

Ecological Notes: Frequents sandy shores from the upper intertidal zone to above the high tide line, where it burrows deep down to the water table. Sometimes up to 100 m inland from the tide zone.

Additional Notes: Colour is pale sandy to grey, with large ovoid eyes on short eyestalks. Claws stout and rough and of similar size in both sexes. Ghost Crabs forage on the beaches early morning, evening and during the night where they feed on organic matter. Carapace width to 35 mm.

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