Plocamopherus imperialis (Angas, 1864)


Uncommon to rare in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Known from temperate south eastern Australian waters and New Zealand.

Ecological Notes: 

Recorded from intertidal and sub-tidal waters to a depth of at least 10 m. Thought to feed on arborescent bryozoans.

Additional Notes: 

Recognised by the orange or reddish body with brown or black speckles. The tail of the animal is pointed and flattens into a paddle shape when the animal "swims". Species of Plocamopherus have a series of large compound papillae arising from the oral veil and the sides of the mantle. Some of these papillae often have a large bulb at the tip, which, when the animal is disturbed, luminesce, producing flashes of light. Grows to 100 mm in length.


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