Miamira sinuata (Van Hasselt, 1824)


Rarely found in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Distribution throughout the Indo-West Pacific with records from the Maldives and Reunion Island, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands and Hawaii, north to Okinawa, Japan. In Australia recorded from Western Australia and on the east coast from southern Queensland to around Sydney.

Ecological Notes: 

Found from low tide to 25 m on rocky reef habitat. Feeds on sponges.

Additional Notes: 

Various colour forms, from bright green (as in photographs) to purplish brown, the whole body covered with low, rounded, yellow tubercles. The gills and rhinophores tend to be the same colour as the body, and have conspicuous scattered white spots. Known to feed on sponges, possibly from the family Dysideidae. Grows to 60 mm.


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