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Nembrotha rosannulata
(Pola, Cervera and Gosliner, 2008)

Distribution: Uncommon in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Known only from a limited range on the east coast of Australia, including the southern Great Barrier Reef, Coffs Harbour region and Port Stephens.

Ecological Notes: Thought to feed exclusively on the stalked ascidian Sigillana cyanea, which tends to be more common in silty coastal waters and large estuaries. Depth to at least 14 m.

Additional Notes: Dull green background colour with textured longitudinal ridges and scattered raised pustules of various sizes. The pustules are black and each is enclosed by a pinkish or yellow ring. The rhinophores are black, the gill stalks and branches are pinkish while the gill pinnae are black. The animal lays a bright orange egg mass, usually on or in close proximity to the food source. Grows to at least 12 cm long.

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