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Melicerona listeri
(Gray, 1824)

Distribution: Common in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Distributed throughout the West Pacific region: Eastern Indonesia to Tonga, north to Japan, south to Australia. In Australia known from the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland south to around Sydney in New South Wales.

Ecological Notes: Tropical species inhabitating rocky and coral reef intertidal areas, low tide to 2 m depth, specimen pictured in intertidal rock pool.

Additional Notes: Dorsum pale blue-grey with four transverse interrupted black-brown bands, covered with yellow-brown flecks. Base, sides and teeth white, with black-brown marginal spots of varying size. Extremities white with black-brown terminal spots. Recently described as Cypraea felina, which is now thought to exist only in the Western Indian Ocean. Grows to 25 mm.

References: Cowries of New South Wales, David Tarrant, published by David Tarrant, Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2016. pp.71-2 and p.114.

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