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Lunella undulata

Distribution: Common in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Endemic to Australia ranging from the New South Wales/Queensland border south to around Albany in Western Australia and including Tasmania.

Ecological Notes: Occurs on both exposed and semi-protected rocky shores, among algae and in crevices at mid tide level and below.

Additional Notes: Shell solid, wider than high, with spirally ribbed, rounded whorls covered in a thin brown periostracum. Shell coloured with zigzag axial streaks of white and dark green. Operculum calcareous, circular, internally flat and brown, externally white with marginal flange and central dome. Herbivorous, living amongst and feeding on algae. Grows to about 61 mm wide and 57 mm high. Previously known as Turbo undulatus.

References: The Seashells of New South Wales, Des Beechey, Senior Fellow, Australian Museum, Release 25. Website at Accessed 08/11/2018.