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Lamellaria sp.
(Montagu, 1815)

Distribution: Common in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Members of this genus are distributed in oceans worldwide. In Australia they are recorded from coastlines of all states.

Ecological Notes: Known to feed on colonial ascidians. May be found on the underside of rocks and coral slabs.

Additional Notes: In most velutinids the shell is open and flattened and at least partially enveloped by a fleshy mantle. Lower photograph shows the head and tentacles that distinguish this animal from the opisthobranch sea slugs, another characteristic being the anterior siphon above the head which opens into the body cavity. Feed on colonial ascidians and many are well camouflaged by their similar colour. Specimen pictured discovered in intertidal rock pool, length 10 mm.

References: Australian Museum, Sea Slug Forum. Accessed 07/11/2018.