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Fusigobius inframaculatus
(Randall, 1994)

Common Name: Innerspot Sandgoby

Distribution: Common in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Known from the Indo-West Pacific including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Mauritius, and Kenya, Indonesia, north to Japan. Recently reported from Tonga. In Australia recorded from the Kimberly region of Western Australia and Moreton Bay in southern Queensland. Solitary Islands believed to be the southernmost record in Australia.

Ecological Notes: Solitary or small groups. Frequents sandy or rubble substrate adjacent to coral or rocky reef. Depth from 2 to 30 m.

Additional Notes: Adults with long first dorsal spine, large oval white spot closely followed by black blotch at caudal peduncle. Feeds on small molluscs, crustaceans and other invertebrates. Sometimes seen in small aggregations on sand in cave mouths. Grows to 7 cm.

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