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Entacmaea quadricolor
(Leuckart in Ruppell and Leuckart, 1828)

Common Name: Bubble-tip Anemone

Distribution: Locally very common in the northern section of the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Recorded from tropical Indo-West Pacific region, north to Japan, south to central New South Wales on the east coast of Australia.

Ecological Notes: Frequents shallow reef and coral areas, usually attached deeply in crevice or hole. Depth range to 25 m depending upon water clarity.

Additional Notes: Tentacles are long (up to 100 mm), usually with a bulb at or just below the tip. The smooth column is without adhesive verrucae (see Heteractis crispa), and this species is by far the most common of the two giant anemone species found in the Marine Park. Highest concentrations appear in Anemone Bay and surrounding sites at North Solitary Island with lesser concentrations or solitary animals at other islands. Is commonly symbiont host to the anemonefish species Amphiprion akindynos and Amphiprion melanopus.

References: Davie, Peter. Wild Guide to Moreton Bay and Adjacent Coasts. Second Edition. Published by Queensland Museum. Vol 2, p.80.