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Ellatrivia merces
(Iredale, 1924)

Distribution: Uncommon in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Common in the range from southern Queensland around southern Australia to the Houtmann Abrolhos Islands in Western Australia, including Tasmania. Also found in northern New Zealand.

Ecological Notes: Found under algae covered rock, intertidal to subtidal commonly to 15 m, but has been trawled from 200 m depth.

Additional Notes: Shell is elongate, the ends rounded, and is sculptured with strong ribs, about 26 on the outer lip, sides and base but absent on the dorsum. Shell colour is white with one or several brown blotches, the ends pink. Grows to 20 mm, commonly 12 mm.

References: The Seashells of New South Wales, Des Beechey, Senior Fellow, Australian Museum, Release 25. Website at Accessed 06/11/2018.