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Dendrodoris krusensternii
(Gray, 1850)

Distribution: Uncommon to rare within the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Found throughout South Africa and Indo-West Pacific where it is classed as fairly common. In Australia recorded from Perth in the west, around the tropical north to as far south as Sydney. Also found in the north island of New Zealand.

Ecological Notes: Found among and under rocks to a depth of 15 m, where its colouration provides excellent camouflage. Feeds on sponges.

Additional Notes: Brown rhinophores, brown and white fleshy tubercules interspersed with bright blue spots. A sour smelling mucus is secreted when alarmed, lays extensive olive or white ribbon egg masses. Was until recently known as Dendrodoris denisoni. Grows to 60 mm.

References: Gary Cobb, David Mullins, Nudibranchs Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition, 2015. Publishers Thomas Slone, Masalai Press and Tim Hochgrebe, Underwater Australasia. p.163.