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Dendrodoris fumata
(Ruppell and Leuckart, 1830)

Distribution: Possibly common in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Recorded from the Indo-West Pacific Region, including New Caledonia, Singapore and southern Japan. Known from all coastal regions of Australia.

Ecological Notes: Frequents intertidal and shallow reef areas, often found under rocks and coral slabs in intertidal areas. Feeds on sponges.

Additional Notes: Variable in colouration from orange through to black. Juveniles (as pictured) and adults may be difficult to distinguish from Dendrodoris nigra which has 10 -15 small gills forming a cup-shaped circle while in this species there are fewer (5 or 6) large gills which expand to cover the rear of the body. This species also differs in having small papillae on the skin of the mantle, which are usually black. Specimen pictured approximately 6 mm long. Grows to about 80 mm.

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