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Dardanus longior
(Asakura, 2006)

Distribution: Rare in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Recorded from the Line and Phoenix Islands and Hawaii. Also recorded from the Philippines and Japan. This record the first known for the Australian mainland.

Ecological Notes: May prefer rocky and coral reef, deeper offshore slopes. This specimen photographed in around 10 m, rocky reef, sparse coral cover.

Additional Notes: Claws and legs red, all covered with stiff, white tipped, hairs. Antennae yellow, eyestalks pale creamy white to pale yellow, eyeball black. Similiar D. crassimanus has mauve eyestalks and tan to brown eyes, mauve bands on claws and walking legs. 

References: Identification thanks to Dr Joseph Poupin, Ecole Navale, Brittany, France

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