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Cratena lineata
(Eliot, 1904)

Distribution: Common in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Distributed throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific region. In Australia recorded from Heron Island in Queensland, around the southern coastline to the south coast of Western Australia and including Lord Howe Island.

Ecological Notes: Frequents boulder shores and rocky reefs, intertidally and subtidally to depths of at least 18 m.

Additional Notes: Clear, whitish body usually with longitudinal white lines and white lines on the cerata. The digestive gland in each ceras is often red or brown and there is normally a large orange patch on either side of the head. The oral tentacles are long and slender, the rhinophores erect. Members of this Family feed on hydroids, anemones, soft corals and the eggs of fish and other nudibranchs. Grows to 20 mm, usually 10 – 15 mm.

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