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Charadrius ruficapillus
(Temmnck, 1822)

Common Name: Red-capped Plover, Red-capped Dotterel

Distribution: The most common and widespread of Australia’s beach-nesting shorebirds. It occurs along virtually the entire Australian coastline, and can congregate in great numbers inland, especially around salt lakes.

Ecological Notes: Inhabits open beaches, the lower reaches of estuaries, sandflats or mudflats at the margins of saline, brackish or freshwater wetlands.

Additional Notes: May be observed foraging, using a characteristic ‘stop-run-peck’ method, for molluscs, small crustaceans and some vegetation. The nest is a shallow scrape in the sand or pebbles, sometimes near to vegetation or rubbish. The eggs are usually well camouflaged and the nests, due to their proximity to beaches, are at risk from beach walkers or vehicles.

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