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Calcinus gaimardii
(H. Milne Edwards, 1848)

Distribution: Possibly common in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Known from the Indo-Pacific region including East Africa, southern Japan, Indonesia and New Guinea, east to Hawaiian and Society Islands. In Australia recorded from the Great Barrier Reef, northern New South Wales and including Middleton Reef and Lord Howe Island.

Ecological Notes: Frequents coral and rocky areas, intertidal to 40 m depth. Often associated with Pocillopera sp. corals depth to 10 m.

Additional Notes: This species may be recognised by the dull brown/orange colouration of claws and legs, with brown or orange eyestalks tipped with pale blue and dark blue ring. Antennae are orange and legs vary from red to orange to brown. Left claw much larger than right. A small species, the carapace may be up to 12 mm in length, overall length up to about 40 mm.

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