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Bullina lineata
(Gray, 1825)

Distribution: Common in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Recorded from Japan, Indonesia, and New Zealand. In Australia recorded from the Western Australia coast from Albany to Exmouth, on the east coast from far north Queensland south to eastern Victoria and including Lord Howe and Norfolk Island.

Ecological Notes: Found in intertidal and shallow subtidal areas, feeds on cirratulinid polychaete worms in silt or sandy substrate. Depth from intertidal to 45 m.

Additional Notes: White shell with well spaced axial and spiral red lines. Animal is transparent whitish with margins of foot, headshield and posterior mantle folds a brilliant electric blue. Eye spots are visible on the head. This species is able to retract completely into its shell and has a thin operculum. Grows to 20 mm shell length.

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