Caesio caerulaurea (Lacepede, 1801)

Caesio caerulaurea
Caesio caerulaurea
Ian Shaw
Thursday, 12 May 2016
Nth Solitary Island
Common name: Goldband Fusilier

Seasonally common in the Solitary Islands Marine Park when water temperatures are at their highest. Recorded from the Indo-West Pacific region including the Red Sea and East Africa to Samoa, north to southern Japan, south to New Caledonia. On the east coast of Australia including the Great Barrier Reef south to at least the Solitary Islands.

Ecological Notes:

Inhabits offshore areas around coral reefs, often in the company of other fusilier species. Depth range from surface to at least 50m.

Additional Notes:

Schooling species, feeds on zooplankton in the water column. Juveniles sometimes used as bait in the tuna fishery. Oviparous with small pelagic eggs released into the water column. Grows to 35cm.