Cleidopus gloriamaris (De Vis, 1882)

Common Name: 
Australian Pineapplefish

Uncommon in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Known from east coast of Australia from southern Queensland to southern New South Wales with a separate population, possibly a sub-species, present in Western Australia . Not known from Victoria, Tasmania or South Australia.

Ecological Notes: 

Frequent coastal reefs and harbours where they retreat to caves and ledges during the day. May form small aggregations. Known to inhabit a broad depth range from shallow to at least 250 m.

Additional Notes: 

This species has a prominent light organ on each side of the lower jaw. The light is produced by bacteria living symbiotically on the skin and is used at night to attract its prey, largely small shrimps. Nocturnal species rarely seen during daylight hours, coming forth at night to feed. Grows to 25 cm.


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