Phalacrocorax varius (Gmelin, 1789)

Common Name: 
Pied Cormorant

Ranges throughout QLD, NSW, VIC, eastern SA and coastal areas of the NT, WA and SA.

Ecological Notes: 

Occupies marine habitats, including estuaries, harbours and bays. It also inhabits mangroves and large inland wetlands in eastern Australia. The Pied Cormorant feeds primarily on benthic fish between 6–15 cm in length from waters less than 10 m deep, with crustaceans and molluscs also being predated upon.

Additional Notes: 

The species dives under water to catch fish near the sea bottom. When it pursues fish it swims by propelling itself with large, webbed feet and steers with half-opened wings. Fish may be eaten below the water or when the cormorant returns to the surface.


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