Onychoprion fuscatus (Linnaeus, 1766)

Common Name: 
Sooty Tern

The Sooty Tern ranges over tropical and sub-tropical seas and on associated islands and cays around Northern Australia, with sporadic sightings on coasts in south-west and south-east Australia. In NSW only known to breed at Lord Howe Island. Occasionally seen along coastal NSW, especially after cyclones.

Ecological Notes: 

The species forages at sea and mostly eats crustaceans, cephalopods and fish. The Sooty Oystercatcher feeds by picking fish from the water surface, often conjugating in large flocks.

Additional Notes: 

 It rarely comes to land except to breed, and can stay out to sea for 3 to 10 years. Due to the lack oil in its feathers, it cannot float, and spends that entire time on the wing.


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