Falco cenchroides (Vigors & Horsefield, 1827)

Common Name: 
Nankeen Kestrel

Nankeen Kestrels range across most areas of Australia and are also found on islands along Australia's coastline, as well as New Guinea and Indonesia.

Ecological Notes: 

Preferred habitats include lightly wooded areas and open agricultural regions. Can often be observed perched on power lines.In coastal areas can be observed hovering above dunes. Tends to be absent from dense forests. It mainly feeds on insects, reptiles, small birds and small mammals.

Additional Notes: 

Prey is located from a perch or by hovering a short distance above the ground on rapid, stiff wing-beats, using its fan-shaped tail as a rudder and keeping the head and body still. Once prey is spotted, the bird drops nearer to the ground until it is close enough to pounce and grab the prey in its talons.


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