Haliaeetus leucogaster (Gmelin, 1788)

Common Name: 
White-bellied Sea Eagle

Range throughout coastal and near coastal areas of Australia. The species is also found in New Guinea, Indonesia, south-east Asia, China and India.

Ecological Notes: 

The White-bellied Sea-Eagle frequents fresh and salt water lakes, embayments, estuaries and open beaches. It can also be seen foraging in nearshore oceanic waters and perching on offshore islands. The species preys upon mainly aquatic animals, including fish, turtles and sea snakes, but it takes birds, up to the size of a swan, and mammals as well. It will also feed on carrion.

Additional Notes: 

White-bellied Sea-Eagles harass smaller birds, including other raptors such as Ospreys and Whistling Kites, forcing them to drop any food that they are carrying. Sea-Eagles feed alone, in pairs or in family groups.


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