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Arothron hispidus
(Linnaeus, 1758)

Common Name: Stars and Stripes Toadfish

Distribution: Uncommon in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Indo-Pacific generally. In Australia recorded from central Western Australia, across the tropical north, through Queensland and south to central New South Wales, including New South Wales. Also recorded from the top of the Great Australian Bight.

Ecological Notes: Frequents outer reef slopes, reef flats and lagoons, juveniles often in weedy areas of estuaries. Depth to 50m.

Additional Notes: Usually very shy, retreating when approached by divers. Adults, greenish brown with white spots on sides and upper surfaces, white stripes on belly. Has dark yellow or white bordered circular patch on pectoral fin base. Juveniles often tan or brown (see second photograph). Varied diet includes algae, molluscs, sponges, corals, seastars and sea urchins. Grows to 50cm.

References: R. Stuart-Smith, G. Edgar, A. Green, I. Shaw, Tropical Marine Fishes of Australia. Reed New Holland Publishers, 2015. p.458.

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