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Amblyeleotris ogasawarensis
(Yanagisawa, 1978)

Common Name: Redspotted Shrimpgoby

Distribution: Rare in Solitary Islands Marine Park. Known only from the Ryukyu and Ogasawara Islands in the north and the Capricorn Group, Great Barrier Reef in the south.

Ecological Notes: Frequents sandy rubble areas, clear coastal sand slopes, where it lives in association with particular species of Alpheid shrimps. Depth range 20 to at least 35m.

Additional Notes: Black or dark red spot at upper corner of operculum, and curved markings at front of caudal fin. Usually seen at edge of burrow, with shrimp, in this instance Alpheus ochrostriatus, maintaining burrow while fish keeps watch, (see lower photograph). When danger threatens both fish and shrimp retreat into burrow. An infrequent visitor, first record in Solitary Islands Marine Park in 2002. Grows to 11cm.

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