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Allostichaster polyplax
(Muller and Troschel, 1844)

Distribution: Uncommon in the Solitary Islands Marine Park as this represents its northern limit on the east coast of Australia. Distributed in the temperate waters of southern Australia, New Zealand, and south west Pacific Ocean.

Ecological Notes: Benthic species inhabiting inshore as well as continental shelf and slope waters, commonly found under rocks. Depth to 238 m at least.

Additional Notes: Generally with eight arms but can vary from six to as many as nine. Can reproduce asexually by splitting and each part growing new arms. Arms can be varying in length on an individual because of the different stages of re-growth. Grows to around 50 mm width.

References: Neville Coleman, Sea Stars. Echinoderms of the Asia/Indo-Pacific. Neville Coleman’s Underwater Geographic Pty Ltd, 2007. p.13.

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