The successful cleaning of the plinths on the North Solitary Islands underwater trail was made possible by eight hard-working SURG divers.

SURG members constructed this underwater marine interpretative trail adjacent to North Solitary Island nearly 20 years ago, in 2002.The trail contains a number of concrete plinths featuring a descriptive plaque. Each plaque describes an aspect of a certain marine feature or habitat found in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. These plinths have growth developing on them and in large seas move, so regular maintenance is required. 

All 13 plinths on the trail were located and the information plaques cleaned with the 11th plinth relocated to its original position.

Divers enjoyed the 25c water temp and 20m visibility. Apart from some swell, which was challenging when cleaning and relocating the plinths, conditions were almost perfect.

Thanks to Dive Quest for their assistance in completing the work.