Planting out remediation site on Corindi River

SURG members and local Red Rock volunteers helped to plant 14 Casuarina glauca (Swamp She-oak) seedlings that were supplied by Jaliigirr Nursery and they also transplanted Juncus and other native grasses into the previously installed coir matting.

Previously planted lomandra longifolia seem to be faring well but some are struggling a bit which is possibly due to foot traffic.

The site was also topped up with more soil behind the coir logs where the soil had sunk following repeated wetting.

Ian Shaw, a Red Rock local, will keep an eye on these plants to see if they successfully transplant and if they do we will get some more Casuarina plants from the nursery and organise another day to plant out more seedlings.

Special thanks go to Ian and Kate Shaw, Neil and Yvonne Vaughan, Craig Jackson, Noel Furness and Steve Dalton who planted the Casuarinas, Craig for transporting soil in his tinny and Peter Green of Jaliigirr Nursery who supplied the seedlings.