Next stage of estuarine research

SURG is in the next stage of the Estuarine project with the rehabilitation and protection of the foreshores of Corindi Creek. 

With the help from several Red Rock locals and materials supplied by SURG and Reflections Holiday Parks, the group undertook the first stage of the Corindi River bank stabilisation work. Twenty, three metre long coir logs and coir netting were placed over the eroded bank near the viewing platform adjacent to Jew Fish Point Reserve Boardwalk.


It was a great effort by all involved, especially under sometimes wet conditions. With the coir logs installed, volunteers wheelbarrowed rock and soil which was placed behind the logs. Coir matting was rolled out on top to cover the remediated site. Further down the track, SURG plans to plant out native seedlings into the coir logs and bank, which when established will stabilise the bank in the future. Seedlings have been acquired from the Woopi Landcare nursery and planting will begin in the coming weeks. Peter Green from Jaliigirr Nursery is also looking into supporting our project by providing some native seedlings.