Clean up of Underwater Trail at North Solitary Is

Seven SURG divers went to North Solitary to maintain the glass interpretive plaques on the underwater trail. In position since early 2003, the plinths have accumulated thick growths of coral and algae and every year or so, divers clean the glass plaques with scrapers, in most cases returning them to their original condition. 












Plinth No 2 above, as it was found on the day, and on the right after a few minutes work with a scraper. Apart from a couple of cracks in the directional marker on top, almost as good as the day it was installed. 

The dive was funded mostly from SURG's funds, with divers each paying a portion of the cost, and Dive Quest of Mullaway helping with a subsidised charter.

Below, the divers after a successful days "work" at North Solitary Island.