Past Events

August 2017

Saturday 12th - 9:00am to 5:00pm

Please note, this Event entry has been updated: Steve Dalton is planning a trip to Red Rock on Saturday this coming weekend (12th August) to conduct some swath mapping to detect discarded mud crab traps, as well as to try to capture interesting pictures for our interpretive panels and fact sheets. Steve has tentatively booked some campsites on the Friday night at Red Rock Caravan Park for anyone who wishes to camp.

Contact Steve or...

Wednesday 2nd - 7:00pm

Shane White, an honours student with the Marine Science Centre, will talk about his research into the runoff caused by the blueberry farms in the Coffs Coast region. The runoff from surrounding lands and groundwater seepage can deliver dissolved and particulate nutrients to the stream, potentially causing environmental damage. Further use of agriculture can be a major contributor to this nutrient increase. In Shane's research he assesses the nutrient pollution from the blueberry farms by...

July 2017

Wednesday 5th - 7:00pm

If you are interested in the fascinating biology and behaviour of cuttlefish, squid, nautilus and octopus come to this presentation.

Dr Karina Hall, a research scientist or the NSW Department of Primary Industries, will talk about these cephalopods which are found in NSW coastal waters and help SURG divers interpret the species and their behaviours that they may encounter during their dives.

Dr Hall is based in Coffs Harbour at the National Marine Science Centre and is...

June 2017

Saturday 24th - 11:30am

On Saturday 24th June SURG members will again be joining others in the community to conduct a marine debris survey on Coffs Creek. This time the survey will assess the impact of the Container Deposit Scheme which will commence in December 2017.

This event is open to any interested community members.

SURG and community members have been involved in a number of marine debris surveys and clean up events. Earlier this year SURG members and interested community members conducted a...

Wednesday 7th - 7:00pm

Our social meeting will feature two speakers who will share the fascinating research they are undertaking through Southern Cross University.

Plumes from whale carcass beach burials James Tucker will describe the sampling techniques involved in mapping leachate plumes from whale carcasses buried on beaches. He will show how this is relevant to biological contamination and shark attraction to the surf zone.

SIMP's sandy offshore seafloor is no desert Sophie Prior will discuss...

May 2017

Wednesday 3rd - 7:00pm

Southern Cross University PhD student, Alejandro Tagliafico will talk about his research into corals. Alejandro's research looks at heterotrophic feeding of corals. (Heterotrophic refers to an organism obtaining its food and energy by taking in organic substances. Corals normally have zooxanthellae that provide the vast majority of their sustenance in the form of sugars.) His research has shown how two species of coral exposed to a lipid enriched diet resisted an experimental bleaching event...

April 2017

Wednesday 5th - 7:00pm

Jade Fredericks is a SURG member and Masters student at the National Marine Science Centre. In June last year she was lucky enough to travel to Raja Ampat in West Papua Indonesia on a Colombo Plan Scholarship. She used the scholarship to take part in a volunteer Marine conservation project with The Great Projects , conducting primarily habit mapping (lots of dive experience) for Marine Protected Area inclusion, beach debris clean-...

March 2017

Friday 24th - 12:00pm to Sunday 26th - 12:00pm

The next SURG camping trip will be at Hat Head Holiday Park from the 24th to 26th March. The holiday park is beside a clear clean creek for snorkelling and canoeing, surrounded by National Parks with its many walking tracks and a short walk to the surf beach.

Our last camping trip to South West Rocks was a great way to spend time with other SURG members in a beautiful environment.

If you haven't booked you can still come along on the day. It's out of school holidays so there...

Sunday 5th - 7:30am

SURG will again be involved in Clean up Australia Day at Coffs Creek. Last year SURG had a very successful clean up on the lower/middle reaches of the creek so it will be interesting to compare that result with the amount of debris collected this year.

Steve Dalton has lodged this Clean Up Australia Day site on behalf of SURG members. Please follow the link

February 2017

Tuesday 28th - 7:00pm

Nicola Johnstone will be our guest speaker for this social meeting. Nicola will talk about the Marine Estates Threats and Risk Assessment.

This meeting will be held on Tuesday 28th February 2017, at the downstairs auditorium of the NMSC.

Normally the SURG Social meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month but to accommodate Nicola we have changed the date for this one-off event.

The Marine Estates Threats and Risk Assessment is a NSW Government initiative to...