Past Events

January 2023

Saturday 21st to Sunday 29th

The fifth annual Coffs Coast Sea Slug Census is being held from this Saturday 21st January until 29th January.

The longer census period for all keen nudibranch spotters, both at sea and around our numerous rocky headlands.

Come and help us photographically document the range of nudibranch species on the beautiful Coffs Coast. An iNaturalist project page has been created for the event to enable participants to upload and follow sightings. For full information see the attached...

May 2022

Wednesday 4th - 7:00pm

I have been exploring, documenting, and photographing the wonderful marine life of Solitary Islands Marine Park for the past 6 years. One of my favourite subjects is the Nudibranch, of which I have come across 120 different species in the area. In this talk we will explore macro shooting, lighting, tips and tricks, making your photo a work of art and best angles. There will also be lots of photos for your nudi viewing pleasure!

April 2022

Wednesday 6th - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

The recent Coffs Coast Sea Slug Census held recently was an outstanding success. Several species new to our area were discovered, along with others that are rarely seen. Join Steve Smith as he goes through the various observations and explains how recording these observations directly to iNaturalist promotes our census to a world wide audience.

The meeting starts at 7pm sharp, follow this link - ...

March 2022

Wednesday 2nd - 7:00pm

Tune in for a presentation from Dr Kerry Cameron on coral larval restoration. This technique, pioneered by researchers from Southern Cross University, intervenes to support natural reproduction pathways on coral reefs. Kerry will start with a summary on how broadcast spawning works on healthy reefs, and then how larval restoration can support coral recruitment on damaged or degraded reefs.

Zoom meeting:...

January 2022

Saturday 22nd to Sunday 30th

Changes to photo submission for the 2022 Coffs Coast Sea Slug Census

This year, we will be moving away from email submission of sea slug photos to direct upload to iNaturalist. For those who have not come across iNaturalist, it is now the...

October 2021

Wednesday 6th - 7:00pm

Leaf oyster reefs in northern NSW

Prof Kirsten Benkendorff, Director, National Marine Science Centre

There is increasing global recognition for the ecological importance of oyster reefs. Unfortunately, there is also wide spread evidence for significant declines in shellfish reefs, with 99% of these reefs in Australia now considered “...

June 2021

Friday 11th - 7:00pm

Reef Life Survey have been conducting fish and invertebrate surveys in the Solitary Islands Marine Park on a regular basis for more than 10 years. Come along and hear about some of the trends regarding the fish and invertebrate diversity and species densities at this presentation by John Turnbull, Reef Life Survey East Coast Coordinator. Free entry, starts at 7 pm sharp.

March 2021

Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st

SURG members are again having a camping weekend at Hat Head.

Located east of Kempsey, it's an easy one and a half hour drive from Coffs Harbour. The Hat Head campground is nestled between a delightful estuary and an exceptional surfing beach, and there is a nearby National Park. The area offers a great range of activities which include paddle boarding, kayaking, bushwalking, surfing and fishing. Or, just relaxing with a book!

You can book your site online at...

January 2021

Friday 29th to Sunday 31st

SURG, in conjunction with the Southern Cross University National Marine Science Centre, will be holding the third annual Coffs Coast Sea Slug census in 2021. The event will start with introductory talks, COVID restrictions permitting, either at the NMSC downstairs auditorium or by ZOOM, on Thursday 28th January. The census will start next day, Friday 29th January and run through until midnight on Sunday, January 31st. All citizen scientists are...

November 2020

Saturday 28th - 9:00am

Welcome to the annual SURG Christmas party, to be held on Saturday, 28th November 2020. We were fortunate to be able to hire the Harry Weller shelter for the day, as we have done for a number of years past. The hire is for the whole day, so feel free to rock up anytime after 9 am, where you could have a picnic lunch, swim in the creek etc but the main event will start closer to 5 pm, when it is expected most people will turn up for the day. Bring food and drink and a plate to share, there is...